Drug Addiction in Kabul – A Photo Essay

This is via Eurasianet.org. (My tenth follower on Twitter.)

It is a photo essay by Monique Jaques, a photographer with a raft of work from Afghanistan, documenting everyday life, in the that country, as well as Turkey and other places. It’s entitled “Afghanistan: Drug Addiction Tough to Beat in Kabul” and it ties in with my current Afghan read: David Macdonald’s Drugs in Afghanistan.

The text which accompanies the piece begins with this pair of sentences: “Not only is Afghanistan a center of opium production, it has one of the world’s most serious drug addiction problems. An estimated 1 million Afghans, out of a total population of 28 million, are battling substance abuse.”

It is something that I would like to look into for the MPhil that I’m starting in January, although, that is likely to focus more on the Western side of things, and how we might get out, and leave a functioning state, without losing face.

Take a look, it shows well the problems that Afghanistan faces in terms of drug addiction, as well as the steps that are being taken to mitigate the problem. Here is a link to the essay itself.

I hope it makes you think.


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